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Back of Dave SplitProzac Memory  
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Back of Dave / Prozac Memory
Track Listing:

Side Dave
1. Quickie
2. Automatic Drip
3. Rifle Arm
4. Plankton
5. Digger

Side Prozac
1. Beneficiary
2. Meniscus
3. Drawn Into
4. Blind Ascension
. Seven

Split LP

so now i see i can't be just what you wanted me to be.. no... i don't think but I know what you never wanted me to show, what i feel you never wanted me. I'd site glued to every word that came from you I'd hang on every word you'd say if does me no good.

Automatic Drip
The foots in the mouth again to keep it from running on its all locked up inside let me try it again engine running hot no way to cool it down  try again  know the time and place rearrange a pretty face hold it in your hands it runs like water engine running down found a way to cool it down its all locked up let me try it again engine running hot no way to cool it down.

Rifle Arm
do you have words for me/ then sew your mouth shut cause nobody gives a damn about you/ do i see/ only what the blind cannot/ do you have hard looks for me/ i think not/ and all the promises that you made to me/ take them back.

chaos is a future that keeps me organized i never miss a heartbeat the air it seems to thick its clogging up my pores and theres nothing friendly theres nothing familiar Could it be that i've lost my way again and every step is changing the road/ all i can do is watch my breath turn cold im cold im cold freezing inside i put my thumb out hoping somebody will give me a ride i want i want no that much at all just to find a place i can call my home.

this is a complex situation hard to keep in mind and its understood that I don't understand somethings  just not right maybe the grips to tight.


Cathartic birth
A change,
Internalized conditions.

A smile is my greatest avoidance
a grin to give away nothing.
I will exact a duplication
I scream at you to be yourself
I scream at me to be yourself

Drawn Into
These are the things that attach.
You will shake it
forever, again.

Blind Ascension
I reach out now
with my eyes closed
have I forgotten how to climb?

Sometimes i wonder
if these things were given to me only as a beginning
it is for the strands of my life to weave the rest

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